The Card You Must Have in Your Wallet: The Smart Way to Manage Your Money

The Card You Must Have in Your Wallet: The Smart Way to Manage Your Money

No bank account and no banknotes in your pockets? A new reloadable card by Mastercard features the ideal payment combination: a smart, reloadable credit and debit card. Safe, innovative, convenient, and most important, will not let you spend the money you don`t have.

Retail chains, clothing stores, pharmacies and even gas stations – each try to convince us to take more credit cards that will make us spend more money. Still, there is one card you should have in your wallet; a card that on the one hand enables you to shop online and use it anywhere in Israel or abroad, but on the other hand will not let you exceed your credit limit. Introducing Prepay, your money`s body guard; Prepay is a new, smart reloadable card by Mastercard, which combines credit and debit card and cash payment. When a transaction or an ATM withdrawal is being made, the payment is deducted from the card balance. But when we are surrounded by so many credit cards, when all customer club cards turn into credit cards, who needs another card?

  • Those who like to shop online but are worried that their bank account details might fall into the wrong hands.
  • Those who fly abroad and prefer an international card, but also want to have peace of mind and avoid any worries or thefts.
  • Those who want to give their teenage children pocket money to support their financial independence but realize that cash and credit cards may lead to over spending.
  • Those who wish to manage the family budget wisely and avoid spending money they don`t have.
  • Those who are restricted by their bank and don`t meet credit card qualifications.
  • Those who wish to manage their business expenses budget wisely and efficiently through "electronic petty cash."

As you can see, it`s everyone… And it makes Prepay the ideal card: it enables you to enjoy the accessibility and convenience of a credit card yet pay immediately as with cash. No bank account, no delayed charges or negative balance. Prepay holders enjoy expense control and budget planning, while avoiding unnecessary spending.

Innovation is the Name of the Game

Still not sure why this new card is so exciting and how it is different from other reloadable cards?

The main reason is innovation. Prepay is supported by an advanced, easy-to-use application that enables users to easily recharge the card, track transactions online, block businesses by category (i.e. gas stations, lotto, alcohol, etc.). Users may limit daily withdrawal amounts and even transfer money between users, just like a digital wallet!

Unlike credit cards, the new card has three wallets supporting NIS, dollars and euros. In the future, it will support additional currencies, enabling users to save more time and conversion fees.

To order the new card, there is no need to stand in line; you can order it online and receive it by free delivery. In case you are an 'offline' person, you may collect your order at any of the 300 distribution points countrywide.

Just Like a Credit Card, Only Safer

The Prepay card can be used just like any other credit card: it is accepted by the world's leading businesses that work with Mastercard, including shops and restaurants, and can also be used for local currency cash withdrawal at ATMs worldwide. But unlike 'traditional' credit cards, it does not require a bank account, so you don`t have to worry that your credit/bank account details will fall into the wrong hands or that you might be exposed to fraud. The money on your card is safe, even when it`s stolen or lost, so you can enjoy peace of mind whether you are abroad, shopping online or would like to avoid carrying cash. Moreover, you may limit the daily withdrawal amount, which makes Prepay not only safer, but also more cost-effective than a credit card.