Michal Kassif Joins AHAVA Cosmetics as Content Marketing Manager

This Spring’s top transfer story! Michal Kassif has joined the team with the leading beauty brand as a content marketing manager.
Michal Kassif Joins AHAVA Cosmetics as Content Marketing Manager

Michal joined AHAVA after acting as a member of the marketing team with Ripples, a startup engaged in the creation of digital imaging devices for coffee beverages. Michal has previously held positions in the areas of marketing and broadcasting.

“We have gotten to a point where it became clear that our company needed to establish a function to cater to the needs of content creation —someone with experience in content writing. We trust that Michal will be an important player under our marketing team and will contribute to their continued success in the launch and the support of our phenomenal skincare products”.

Ron Michael, CEO @ AHAVA.


Created in 1988 by in the Dead Sea, AHAVA is the only cosmetic company located on the mineral-rich Dead Sea’s shores. And as the only company licensed to mine natural Dead Sea Mud, AHAVA brings its skincare benefits to those seeking renewal and youthfulness.

The Dead Sea is Earth's largest natural spa

The life-giving waters of the Dead Sea contain the highest concentration of minerals in the world—including those that are essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin.

That’s why, for thousands of years, the Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the world, searching to enhance their skin’s vitality with the mineral-rich deposits and salt waters along its shores.

AHAVA harnesses the natural elements of what Earth provides in this unique region—Dead Sea Mud, Salt, Water and Plants—to create innovative skincare products that stop the hands of time. 

AHAVA formulas are true to nature, containing no parabens, SLS/SLES, petroleum, GMOs or harsh synthetic ingredients. This has helped AHAVA grow to be known as one of the premier skincare brands harnessing the power of nature.

From its conception and dedication to beautifying skin worldwide, with distribution in Israel, the US, Europe and Asia in its own stores and via major retailers, AHAVA brings the power of its purifying Dead Sea products to people everywhere seeking restoration and relief.

For more information, visit ahava.com.